10 Unusual Place Names That We Have Only Heard Used A Handful Of Times For Babies


There are so many options for parents to think about when it comes to naming their babies. However, the one trend that seems to be more popular than ever when it comes to baby names is using place names. Not just place typical names that have been used for years such as Georgia, Alexandria, India, Asia, Brooklyn, or even Ireland. Plenty of parents are naming their babies names of cities, countries, and even continents nowadays that would not have likely happened decades ago. Many times parents that name their babies names of unusual sounding places do so for sentimental reasons, or for simply liking the name of the place. Let’s take a look at 10 unusual place names that parents have chosen for their babies, more than once!

Odessa – Odessa is a city in Ukraine, and you would not think that this would be an appropriate name for a baby. However, this name has been used for girls over the past few years as it has been documented on Baby Center. It is a nice sounding name, and it is possible that any parent that named their daughter Odessa had a love for the city or simply loved the name.

Aberdeen – When you hear of this name, you will automatically think of the city in Scotland, however, according to Baby Center, Aberdeen has been used as a name for girls. It is easy to come up with a nickname for this one as you can always call a girl with this name, Abbey.

Cairo – This is the capital of Egypt but this is also a name that has been used for boys quite often believe it or not. In fact, Baby Center had pointed out that Cairo has entered the top 1000 for boys, which means there are plenty of little boys that are named after the Egyptian capital.

York – York is a city in England, and there is also New York as everyone knows, and the name of a large region in Ontario, Canada as well. Who would think that York would be a name used for a baby? However, according to Baby Center, York has been used occasionally for boys and even though it is still quite rare, the popularity is slowly creeping up.

Sahara – Sahara is the name of a large desert in northern Africa and yet many parents still love this name. In fact, according to Baby Center, this name ranks at just over 2000 for girls, meaning that even though it is rare, plenty of parents love it enough to name their daughters Sahara.

Antarctica – You would think that no one in their right mind would name their daughters after the coldest, driest, wasteland in the world. However it has happened more than just a handful of times, and it is documented as a girl’s name on Mommy. Those times when it has happened, there has been sentimental reasons. Many people who have visited the white continent have been so blown away by their experience that they could not help but keep a piece of that memory with them forever. It is not hard to imagine in that case how some of these people could end up naming their daughter after that place. But what would her nickname be?

Alaska – Antarctica is not the only cold place that parents have named their daughters after. Some have named their little girls Alaska, and it is, believe it or not, becoming quite popular. According to Baby Center, it currently ranks just over 2000 for girls. Yes, the name is still rare, but it is increasing in popularity slowly. The nickname would likely be Ally,

Texas – There are little boys around who are named Texas, and this name has been documented in Baby Center. It is not hard to imagine that people can develop a love for the state and end up naming their sons Texas. His nickname would be Tex, which is cute.

Memphis – Believe or not, this name for boys has made it in the top 1000, and plenty of parents over the years have named their little boys Memphis. Either they love that city in Tennessee or just simply love the name.

Bronx – Like Brooklyn, Bronx is gaining popularity for boys. In fact, according to Baby Center, it is in the top 2000 masculine names. Those who would likely name their sons Bronx quite likely had a love for NYC!

If you have heard of a place name that has been used for a baby that is quite unusual, please share that with us. We would love to know what it is!