10 Unusual Place Names That We Have Only Heard Used A Handful Of Times For Babies

April 10, 2019

There are so many options for parents to think about when it comes to naming their babies. However, the one trend that seems to be more popular than ever when it comes to baby names is using place names. Not just place typical names that have been used for years such as Georgia, Alexandria, India, Asia, Brooklyn, or even Ireland. Plenty of parents are naming their babies names of cities, countries, and even continents nowadays that would not have likely happened decades ago. Many times parents that name their babies names of unusual sounding places do so for sentimental reasons, or for simply liking the name of the place. Let’s take a look at 10 unusual place names that parents have chosen for their babies, more than once!

Odessa – Odessa is a city in Ukraine, and you would not think that this would be an appropriate name for a baby. However, this name has been used for girls over the past few years as it has been documented on Baby Center. It is a nice sounding name, and it is possible that any parent that named their daughter Odessa had a love for the city or simply loved the name.

Aberdeen – When you hear of this name, you will automatically think of the city in Scotland, however, according to Baby Center, Aberdeen has been used as a name for girls. It is easy to come up with a nickname for this one as you can always call a girl with this name, Abbey.

Cairo – This is the capital of Egypt but this is also a name that has been used for boys quite often believe it or not. In fact, Baby Center had pointed out that Cairo has entered the top 1000 for boys, which means there are plenty of little boys that are named after the Egyptian capital.

York – York is a city in England, and there is also New York as everyone knows, and the name of a large region in Ontario, Canada as well. Who would think that York would be a name used for a baby? However, according to Baby Center, York has been used occasionally for boys and even though it is still quite rare, the popularity is slowly creeping up.

Sahara – Sahara is the name of a large desert in northern Africa and yet many parents still love this name. In fact, according to Baby Center, this name ranks at just over 2000 for girls, meaning that even though it is rare, plenty of parents love it enough to name their daughters Sahara.

Antarctica – You would think that no one in their right mind would name their daughters after the coldest, driest, wasteland in the world. However it has happened more than just a handful of times, and it is documented as a girl’s name on Mommy. Those times when it has happened, there has been sentimental reasons. Many people who have visited the white continent have been so blown away by their experience that they could not help but keep a piece of that memory with them forever. It is not hard to imagine in that case how some of these people could end up naming their daughter after that place. But what would her nickname be?

Alaska – Antarctica is not the only cold place that parents have named their daughters after. Some have named their little girls Alaska, and it is, believe it or not, becoming quite popular. According to Baby Center, it currently ranks just over 2000 for girls. Yes, the name is still rare, but it is increasing in popularity slowly. The nickname would likely be Ally,

Texas – There are little boys around who are named Texas, and this name has been documented in Baby Center. It is not hard to imagine that people can develop a love for the state and end up naming their sons Texas. His nickname would be Tex, which is cute.

Memphis – Believe or not, this name for boys has made it in the top 1000, and plenty of parents over the years have named their little boys Memphis. Either they love that city in Tennessee or just simply love the name.

Bronx – Like Brooklyn, Bronx is gaining popularity for boys. In fact, according to Baby Center, it is in the top 2000 masculine names. Those who would likely name their sons Bronx quite likely had a love for NYC!

If you have heard of a place name that has been used for a baby that is quite unusual, please share that with us. We would love to know what it is!


How to Know Who is the Father of My Son?

February 21, 2019

Sometimes a double escapade happens and pregnancy appears, and now? How do I know who my son’s father is? The fact is, when you have relations in the fertile period (usually lasts about seven days) you can not be absolutely sure who the father of the baby. But some calculations can be made to give a percentage of possibility. The day of conception is usually the most fertile day, but pregnancy can also occur if the woman has had intercourse up to three days before cervical mucus during ovulation. The trick to knowing who the baby’s father is is to figure out when it would be the most fertile day and analyze when intercourse happened.

How To Know The Most Fertile Day

Let’s talk in numbers, for example, a regulated 28-day cycle has ovulation on the 14th day of the cycle, with fertile period from the 11th to the 17th day of the cycle . The most mucous and slipperiest day is certainly the day you ovulated. It is assumed that if the man who had intercourse 3 days before or 2 after ovulation, there is possibility of being the father. To know the exact day of ovulation in deregulated cycles, one should check the mucus, but if you are of the forgotten type, the best thing is to see the dates of the previous menstruations, to give you an idea of when your period was fertile. But there are extreme cases where the relationship happens on a day-to-day basis, with a boy today and another tomorrow, so in that way, it is not precisely for dates and calculations. If the woman has had intercourse in a long time , the calculation is made easier, the problem really is when the relationships happened in very close days, be it with one, two or more partners.

Can Ultrasound find out who the father is?

No, but the ultrasound  serves as a great ally at these times to know on what date precisely the baby was conceived. If this test is done until the 10th week of pregnancy , it can give a more correct date that the pregnancy may have happened. When done before, the better and more accurate the calculation. Ultrasound will give the earliest possible date of conception, but we must remember that the DPP (expected delivery time) is counted from the first day of the menstrual cycle and not when the woman became fertile.

DNA Testing

In extreme cases it is advisable to have a DNA test to find out who the father is, the famous paternity test. These exams have become more and more popular and can be done through the SUS since it opens a process of investigation of paternity before justice. To know who the father is, the DNA can be done in private clinics too, the amount starts from $ 500 to 1,000 depending on the number of involved for the exam. The collection can be made after the baby’s birth and can be compared with father, siblings and material such as hair strands and saliva for example.

The simplest way to know who the baby’s father is is the calculation, but some cases resolve easily after the baby is born. Some children are so similar to their parents that they dispense with any DNA and concerns about parenting, but it is still up to the man to record and recognize the baby as a child. We must remember that the probable father of the child, should help the pregnant woman during pregnancy with food , for this should be filed with the pregnant woman. He should help with the pension to cover expenses such as exams, medications, special diet, medical care in addition to the baby’s trousseau. For this pension, being sure who the father of the child is is very important! If the parent does not want or is able to help with the pension, the family members can be charged with the pension. The responsibility usually falls all over the woman when the pregnancy appears, but I must remember that the mutual will to have intercourse can result in a baby , and that a child should be loved and cared for by the parents and not by the mother alone. Real men give support to women regardless of circumstances. Son is forever and no matter how often he comes at a wrong time, there is no better thing in one’s life.

Escape Bleeding – Why It Happens?

Exhaust bleeding is the name given to a minimal bleeding that may occur during the course of the menstrual cycle or also known as menstrual leak. It tends to be smaller than menstrual bleeding and can sometimes have a distinct color of menstruation with live blood. There in the middle of the contraceptive carton the blood appears out of nowhere and this is considered a very characteristic bleed of escape.

Causes of Menstrual Exhaustion

But do you know what causes and what to do when the menstrual leak happens? Also called inter menstrual bleeding, bleeding from the leak can be caused by some reasons and not just by use of the pill. But this bleeding can happen in some other situations like pregnancy, for example. However, in pregnancy the yellow light should light up with these bleeding as it may present some risks to gestation. But how to identify an escape bleed without being pregnant? Menstrual leak bleeding is typically characterized by contraceptive use . In the middle of the contraceptive card , a bleeding appears and can worry the woman. This is because some pills are more likely to offer this risk of bleeding depending on the user’s body with a particular pill. If the hormonal amount of the pill is less than the woman’s body needs, the menstrual leak can happen frequently and in such cases, turning to the doctor is essential to stop the bleeding of the leak. A bleeding menstrual bleeding that looks like coffee grounds can happen due to hormones in the pill. Some hormonal low-dose pills are champion escape, so staying alert is very important. Exhaust bleeding can be equivalent to 2 tablespoons of blood while menstruation equals up to 8 tablespoons of blood.

Other Factors for Escape Bleeding

Women who have been taking contraceptives for a long time may also have menstrual bleeding due to the “getting accustomed” to the pill, and when this happens frequently, it is time to talk with your gynecologist to increase the dose or even change the medication . The morning after pill is the villain of the escapes , it even provides the menstrual leak to show its effectiveness. So if you took the morning-after pill and had a brown or reddish leak it is a sign that the pill worked as intended to prevent pregnancy. If you become a routine in more than 2 cycles, bleeding should be investigated by a doctor to be ruled out problems such as endometriosis , polycystic ovary syndrome and even pregnancy since one of the types of leaks that can happen may be nesting bleeding .

IMPORTANT: It is important to know that even if you have escape bleeding you can become pregnant, as the menstrual cycle continues naturally.

Escape Bleeding in Pregnancy

The most dangerous menstrual bleeding bleed is what happens in pregnancy, this can happen due to hormonal deficiency or even other factors such as placental abruption , rupture of the premature or not of the pouch and even urinary infection or placenta previa . Risk pregnancies may also have exhaust bleeding with exertion or sexual intercourse.

Repetitive Escape Bleeding

The important thing is to investigate persistent menstrual bleeding bleeding , a simple bleeding can become headache and very inconvenient, as they become repetitive and on several days of the same cycle making the woman bleed for a long time beyond what is usual. Discarding the hypothesis of bleeding being the urethra or anus is very important, with a simple examination, the doctor can detect the exact location of the bleeding. An appropriate medication and simple treatments can help contain these menstrual bleeding exhaust and make life much easier without the drawbacks exhaust bleeding. So summarizing: bleeding from the escape can happen because of the contraceptive pill, in other cases because of the pill the next day, but if you are pregnant you have to stay alert to these bleeds and in any case a visit to the gynecologist will do very well .

Readers’ Questions:

How to stop bleeding from menstrual leak?

Usually bleeding from escape to naturally over the course of days, but if it is something recurring the gynecologist may recommend the exchange of the contraceptive used or even the change of certain habits such as smoking. The use of cigarettes increases the chances of leak bleeds and the problem can be remedied by discontinuing use.

How to differentiate menstruation from bleeding escape?

The major difference from menstruation to menstrual bleeding is the quantity of blood. Exhaust bleeding is usually not prolonged and almost always comes only to soak the panties, often requiring no absorbent to contain.

How do you get pregnant with bleeding?

If you use contraception correctly and bleeding from menstrual leak occurs the chances of you getting pregnant are almost nil, but if you do not use any contraceptives there are certainly chances.